Today, on August 2nd, Microsoft will offer a substantial to Windows 10 they are calling the Anniversary Update, since it comes out approximately a year after Windows 10 first launched. The video below from Windows Central provides a great overview, as well as their written review.

Speaking for myself, here are the things I’m the most excited to have available:

  • Dark theme: I try to dark theme everything that offers it. Since I started doing that I have found I get less headaches and eye strain by the end of the day. Now virtually all of Windows will be available in a darker theme.
  • Taskbar notifications: Back in versions of Windows earlier than 8, an app icon would flash for a while in your taskbar if there was a notification. Windows 10 added the notification centre, but you still might not really see that.
  • Synced notifications: I regularly switch between computers and use the same basic Twitter app for both. I get the same notifications in each one separately. It also makes it more likely I will miss something as I think I am just bulk clearing something I already cleared elsewhere. Now those notifications will by synced so if I clear it in one, it clears in the other.
  • Notification Priorities: Have a specific app that you know are always more important than others. For me, Outlook is probably priority 1 with Skype next. Twitter and Facebook provide a large portion of my notifications but are not as important, so I only want to deal with those after seeing the most important ones.
  • Chaseable Tiles: Have you ever looked at the Mail tile and it showed you something you wanted to open. You click on it, and it takes you to the general top level of Mail. Now it can take you straight to the message you clicked on.
  • Skype: There’s a new Skype app, which will hopefully clear up the current mess of Messages and Skype Video but then you also regularly need to get the old desktop app for a lot of features. I’m hoping someday to see Skype for Business and Skype accounts in the same app, as they’ve done with OneDrive.
  • More in Settings: This is an unashamedly nerdy thing to be excited about, and it still isn’t every setting, but it will be nice to have less things buried in the old Control Panel rather than in the new Settings app.
  • Edge Extensions: Microsoft Edge can now be a full-powered browser with extensions. This makes it a tough call for me deciding between Opera, Chrome, and Edge as my primary browser.
  • Bash Shell: For programmers, this could be a huge feature, with the Linux Bash Shell now available directly within Windows. It’s going to be easier to do things like SSH into a web server.