Enrolling Devices in Endpoint Manager

Suppose you’ve started to move toward managing your devices in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune). There are a lot of methods available to do that. I’ll highlight just a few of the most interesting:

Windows Autopilot

If the device was set up with Windows Autopilot, enrolling to Endpoint Manager is one of the options to happen immediately as part of the setup. No further actions are necessary.

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Microsoft Conditional Access Policies

Passwords are inadequate. Even for standard consumer tools, you should have at least two more tools in your toolbox: a password manager and multi-factor authentication. Those help make passwords suck less. But they do leave open some questions like: should you need to perform multi-factor authentication every time you log in? Should access be all or nothing, or should there be any accounting for degrees of risk?

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MS-101 Prep: How I’m Studying

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on preparing for the MS-101 exam. This exam covers a few topics around enterprise device management and security. I’ve mostly been studying with a few methods:

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