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Ryan Robinson – Landing Page

Ryan Robinson – Landing Page My personal portfolio website has gone through several iterations. Initially it was located at and was static content built from scratch with HTML. It was not a particularly attractive site but it got the job done of providing basic information about me back when I knew little about website design. After some time, I added a WordPress-powered blog in a subfolder. I blogged there about technology and occasionally other things, while blogging about theology at Musings of an Urban Mennonite (later became The Emerging-Anabaptist then Anabaptist Redux). While working through my Master of Divinity,...

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Emily Davies-Robinson

Emily Davies-Robinson This is the portfolio site for Emily Davies-Robinson. It has now gone through two designs, the first in WordPress and the second in HTML. I did the entire first design and server setup with the exception of writing the content: bought the domain, added to my server, installed WordPress, added the theme, and added the plugins including the sidebar Twitter feed. The second design was built from scratch in Dreamweaver. It is now much more streamlined with a lot less wasted space around the site, simply providing an introduction to Emily and her work, links to a...

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