St. James’ Queen’s

This site was requested by the campus ministry of St. James’ Anglican Church in Kingston, Ontario for two major reasons:

  1. to help current students find out about activities going on at the church that are targeted toward them
  2. to help alumni or other potential donors keep track of the activities of the church as well as find out how to donate.

This website was built on WordPress, beginning with the Responsive theme but edited in several ways small and large. I added Disqus for comments on the blog portion of the site, Google Analytics for tracking data, and more.

The project also included 2 hours of training for those at St. James’ who took charge of the website maintenance after it was completed. This training was not only in the basics of maintaining a WordPress site but also included elements such as website search engine optimization and accessibility.

Our committee on campus ministry hired Ryan to develop a website for our mission at Queen’s University. It was a good decision to do so.

Ryan demonstrated professionalism on every level.  He was courteous, kept his commitments and entirely lived up to our expectations. He was well organized, communicated well and accomplished his tasks in a timely manner. The project was completed on schedule and on budget. While he definitely has expertise in web-design, rather than discussing all technical matters with the client, he communicated with us mostly about matters where real decisions were required, thus sparing us all the extraneous details.

In addition to developing the website he also instructed us in how we could maintain it to keep it up to date. This training was invaluable.

Rev. Timothy Vickery

Rector, St. James' Anglican Church