Ryan Robinson – Landing Page

My personal portfolio website has gone through several iterations. Initially it was located at ryanrobinsononline.com and was static content built from scratch with HTML. It was not a particularly attractive site but it got the job done of providing basic information about me back when I knew little about website design. After some time, I added a WordPress-powered blog in a subfolder. I blogged there about technology and occasionally other things, while blogging about theology at Musings of an Urban Mennonite (later became The Emerging-Anabaptist then Anabaptist Redux). While working through my Master of Divinity, I realized that I needed to create a portfolio for future job potentials and that my previous from-scratch basic site was not enough. I undertook making it a much more complex site.

In its next three variations, I redesigned the main site to be a much better portfolio built on Drupal with different themes. I learned a lot about Drupal through these designs, consistently tinkering to make it as nice as possible. It was while on this third Drupal theme that I decided I wanted to switch the domain to ryanrobinson.ca, ending the need for ryanrobinsononline.com. The next version of the site was then built on WordPress with my modified version of the Pinboard theme, designed to be consistent with the separate theology blog. From there I added multiple plugins including Jetpack and Google Analytics for visitor tracking, SEO tweaks, a contact form, and a broken link checker.

This portfolio included Ryan’s writings for school, website projects, mobile application projects, references, and more. As these items have now been distributed to show on other sites: website work here, resume and references on LinkedIn, and theology at Anabaptist Redux.

Finally, in an effort to simplify my digital presence, I returned to building from scratch – but now much more attractive with an extra 8 years of experience. The site is no longer necessary and it now simply redirects to LinkedIn.