Queen’s Church

Partway through my time at Queen’s University in Kingston, I thought of the idea to create a unified source for news in the Christian community on campus. I was a leader in Campus Alpha Kingston, one of the many campus groups. These groups occasionally worked together for different purposes – e.g. events, prayer weeks – and there were many people that were active in more than one group. I thought that a website could serve as a central point for all of the groups to track with each other. In theory, it was a great ecumenical initiative that could also leverage some of my technological skills.

Being blog-centric, I built the site on WordPress, the first time I had ever used WordPress. Along with blogs for news and devotional content, I created a calendar so that anybody could see all campus events at a glance. I also included pages for local churches that students might want to check out. I even built a subdomain which was entirely devoted to providing help files so that other campus leaders could directly contribute.

The website was unpublished after 2 years when my time in campus leadership came to an end.