The MennoNerds network was a collection of Anabaptist/Mennonite writers, many of who also happen to have a nerdy side. The MennoNerds website began as an aggregation point of all of our respective blogs and then grew in a hurry from there along with the network as a whole.

The site was powered by WordPress and a plugin which brings in the RSS feeds of member blogs. The site several variations (some screenshots are included in the gallery) and also came to include a variety of more complex features, including:

  • a Twitter feed compiling activity from all of the MennoNerds
  • biography boxes on posts to introduce the authors
  • a map of all of our locations
  • an author directory connected with Gravatar, linking to source websites
  • audio and video podcasts from MennoNerds members
  • audio and video podcasts produced by MennoNerds as a collective, published by RSS and to major podcast directories like iTunes and Google Play
  • a book list of works created by MennoNerds members
  • a catalogue of special synchroblog series