Good Times Productions

Good Times Productions was a small video production company. It was founded in Haliburton, Ontario (my hometown) before later being operated out of Markham. They’ve made a variety of movies over the years including some music video parodies which have garnered thousands of hits on YouTube and official music videos for Toronto bands.

In building their website, I initially tried a few different designs in Drupal before switching to WordPress. I started with the Sundance theme but provided many tweaks to change it to the much more attractive design visible in the gallery image to the right. These tweaks included adding the logo to the theme’s header, changing the title font to the same used by Good Times Productions in their logo, and many other small CSS tweaks. In total, it created a very media-friendly attractive website appropriate for a video production company.

Good Times Productions have since put their business on hold indefinitely and consequently have unpublished the website.