Anabaptist Redux

Anabaptist Redux was my personal theological blogging site. It has gone through several iterations, some of which are visible in the gallery.

My first blogging site was called The Urban Mennonite. This went through a few different designs, all built on WordPress.

For a brief time, I integrated my blogging onto my personal portfolio site, built with Drupal. While some of the portfolio elements worked well with Drupal, I did not find it nearly as convenient for blogging and chose to separate the two sites again.

After that, I re-branded to the name The Emerging-Anabaptist with the Pinboard theme, followed soon after by rebuilding my portfolio site with the same theme, giving a nice element of continuity despite being separated into different domains. From there I made several small adjustments in options, CSS, and PHP. Plugins added included a most popular posts widget and related posts displayed at the bottom of each post, my Twitter feed, Disqus for comments, Search Engine Optimization tools, and Google Analytics.

A few years later, I rebranded one more time to Anabaptist Redux (mostly due to shifting definitions of the term “emerging”) and soon after changed the theme as well. The majority of the plugins have remained the same, with one notable addition being setting up default featured images by category that helps create more of a magazine feel on the archive pages.