MennoNerds Homepage sampleThe newest version of the MennoNerds website has been launched. It is built on the Extra theme by Elegant Themes, same as this site. There were a lot of modifications along the way, too. I’ll have more of a review on Extra soon, but the bottom line is that it does give a nice attractive base with some issues especially when it comes to accessibility – MennoNerds as with this site needed several fixes and that didn’t even get all of the minor ones.

Other than the theme, this new version is improved in several ways:

  • Much more colourful instead of being overwhelmed with white backgrounds. It looks better and is easier to read.
  • Switched to a different YouTube plugin which is accessible.
  • Switched to a different author map which is accessible.
  • Other accessibility tweaks like easier-to-read forms.
  • Rearranged and rewrote lots of content to be a bit more logical and connected.
  • Added several plugins for extra features like trimming excerpts and grabbing thumbnails from embedded videos.