MainWP showing updates available for all sitesIf you manage multiple WordPress sites, it can be a bit of a pain to take care of maintenance for them all, at least not unless you’re already signing in to them regularly.

MainWP looks to solve that problem by allowing you to manage multiple sites from within another site’s dashboard. The two major functions it offers are updating and backup. Updating includes WordPress core, plugins, and themes. It even points out plugins which haven’t been updated in a long time meaning they may not be actively maintained anymore. Those aren’t necessarily a problem – sometimes particularly if its a simple plugin, there’s no update necessary – but other times you could be leaving open vulnerabilities with abandoned plugins.

For backups, the core module has a pretty good tool of its own. With one button, you can backup however much you want. The main downside is that it stores the backup on the site of the dashboard. If the dashboard site is on the same host as the one you’re backing up, this doesn’t really give you any security against the host going down. In that scenario, I would recommend downloading to a local machine to store elsewhere after the backup is done.

Fortunately, they provide an even more powerful option by connecting to UpdraftPlus, a great tool for backing up to all kinds of different places including common cloud storage systems. UpdraftPlus needs to be installed on each site, and that can be a lot more hassle depending on what cloud system you’re connecting to, but the settings can be pushed from the dashboard so you don’t need to set them up individually and of course you can also start backups and see status of backups of all your sites in the same place. This dramatically improves your ability to make sure you’ve got copies ready if anything goes wrong.