What can you expect from a website designed by Alliteration Applications?

Easy to Manage with WordPress

Many website designers are content to make your site as complicated as possible so that you have to continue to pay them, even for simple tasks like changing two words within the body text. I’m not interested in doing that. Once the design is done, I’m happy to turn a user-friendly site over to you so that you don’t need to keep paying me unless you want to.

WordPress helps me do that. If you can format a Word document, you can learn how to update your content in WordPress, with the help of some training I can provide if necessary.

Affordable Pricing

The core site design work is billed at $50 an hour. Along with my skills and experience, this includes factors like my hardware, software and premium themes. If your site requires something truly unique as an extra cost, such as a premium theme I don’t already own a license to use, that fee will also be passed along.


I created my first websites as a teenager. Since then, I obtained a Bachelor of Computing from Queen’s University and have published approximately 50 different designs of websites. The majority of these were in WordPress, but I do also have experience in Drupal, WebPublish, Moodle, SharePoint, Joomla, and coding HTML/CSS from scratch.


The Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are the standard for making sure that websites can be read and interacted with by users relying on a variety of assistive technologies. Many web designers unfortunately do not worry about meeting these requirements, thinking only about how a site appears to themselves and the client. I want to build a site that does not exclude any visitors.