Blog vs Office365 Emails

Office (logo)There are two different ways to get email hosting from Microsoft: which is primarily targeted to consumers and free (ad-supported), and Office365 targeted to professionals and at a monthly fee. I’ve been using both for a long time and would definitely recommend either one, but there are some differences between them.

Sync Speed

My Office365 emails arrive within seconds to my BlackBerry as well as to my desktop Outlook. My emails arrive within seconds on my BlackBerry, but sometimes can take as long as an hour to reach desktop Outlook. That hour could be a substantial difference in productivity. You definitely cannot have a quick back-and-forth conversation, the kind of things that are common in my daily work.

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Alliteration Applications Site Updated

I’ve completed the update of this website. This includes:

More details about what went into the update can be found in the post I wrote partway through the process.Alliteration Applications

Theme Review: Extra by Elegant Themes

Elegant ThemesI first tried out some of the work of Elegant Themes a couple of years ago. Since then, their most popular theme Divi has been my go-to for several site builds. You can check out a few of those in the portfolio. It’s not perfect, but it was still the most efficient way to build a great site that I had available.

I was very excited when I heard about ET’s follow-up theme, Extra. Extra definitely has a few improvements over Divi, specifically when targeting a blog or magazine context.

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MennoNerds Revamped

MennoNerds Homepage sampleThe newest version of the MennoNerds website has been launched. It is built on the Extra theme by Elegant Themes, same as this site. There were a lot of modifications along the way, too. I’ll have more of a review on Extra soon, but the bottom line is that it does give a nice attractive base with some issues especially when it comes to accessibility – MennoNerds as with this site needed several fixes and that didn’t even get all of the minor ones.

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Favourite Improvements in Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office LogoA few weeks ago, I upgraded my desktop Microsoft Office suite by subscribing to Office365 Home. Admittedly my biggest motivation was the 1TB of OneDrive storage much more than the updated desktop software. Despite that, a few updates in the desktop software are almost worth $100 a year by themselves. Here are my favourite improvements in Office 2016:
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Alliteration Applications Website Revamping

Welcome to the partially-completed revamp of the Alliteration Applications website. I’ll provide another quick post when it’s done, but for now, here are the few main elements to this revamp that I’m looking forward to completing:


The site has a brand new theme, Extra from Elegant Themes, with several customizations of my own. I’ve got several smaller tweaks still on the list, fixing some accessibility issues with this theme and changing a couple elements of functionality.
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