Welcome to the partially-completed revamp of the Alliteration Applications website. I’ll provide another quick post when it’s done, but for now, here are the few main elements to this revamp that I’m looking forward to completing:


The site has a brand new theme, Extra from Elegant Themes, with several customizations of my own. I’ve got several smaller tweaks still on the list, fixing some accessibility issues with this theme and changing a couple elements of functionality.


The content has also been updated: I’ve provided some more details on key points about my website designs, details about my website hosting options, and updated the portfolio.

Logo and Colour Scheme

There’s a new logo and colour scheme on the way, thanks to the help of Eddie Gonzalez of Schleitheim Designs. That’s something that has been sitting on my wish list for a while and I expect it will dramatically improve this website and the branding of Alliteration Applications in general.


Finally, you may have noticed that this is a blog. I’m planning to provide blogs occasionally that will cover topics in the realm of website design and hosting, including potentially some tangentially-related topics like what other tools I find valuable to my productivity. If you have any suggestions or request for content, feel free to send me a message using the contact form.